Since Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it’s become clear nuclear deterrence is a farce

Nuclear cloud over Nagasaki - via Wikimedia Commons

With this August marking the 70th anniversary of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki it’s worth asking — does this ever need to happen again? All of the current focus is on Iran when it comes to nuclear weapons, despite the fact they do not even possess such capabilities. Assuming Congress approves the new deal, Iran will be even further from having nuclear arms. Iran’s hypothetical atomic arsenal is effectively a non-danger. But what about those eight other nations whose Continue reading

The reaction to Bill Cosby’s 2005 deposition shows the power of victim silencing

Via Wikimedia Commons / US Navy

Recently the scandal surrounding Bill Cosby has reemerged after the unsealing of a deposition the comic gave in 2005. In it, Cosby admits to seeking drugs for the purpose of inducing women into non-consensual sex. While this revelation is undoubtedly important to the overall scandal, it’s the reaction to the news that reveals a lot about the way survivors of sexual assault and rape are compelled to remain silent. For many Bill Cosby defenders (or, at least, those remaining on Continue reading

The link between guns and racism that’s being ignored after the Charleston shooting

Charleston shooting memorial service via Wikimedia Commons / Nomader

The recent, horrific events in Charleston, South Carolina, have left the nation in mourning. But as mass shootings have become commonplace, it’s difficult to be genuinely shocked. Despite the unnecessary loss of life, the incident and the suspect’s motives have pushed forward a much needed public discussion about race in the United States. This is absolutely necessary if the Great American Experiment, one supposedly founded on notions of equality and democracy, are to be realized. But guns, more than any Continue reading

Underestimating Bernie Sanders’ appeal could prove fatal for Democrats

Senator Bernie Sanders - Via Wikimedia Commons / U.S. Navy

Is there any political group in the U.S. today as cynical as today’s Democrats? Having already developed a reputation for lacking vertebrae, Democrats seem to be developing a knack for cynicism to go along with their spinelessness. In the wake of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ publicly announced intention to seek the Democratic nomination for 2016, the derision he and his supporters have gotten from their supposed Democratic peers has been telling. Why? Because that means Sanders’ Democratic detractors assume Hillary Continue reading

Josh Duggar, Lena Dunham reveal rape culture’s affinity for selective accountability

Image via flickr / Alison Harbaugh & Maryland Film Festival

As someone who considers himself politically liberal, I feel it is my duty, in a way, to play devil’s advocate and call out disappointing moments of hypocrisy committed by fellow lefties. Unfortunately, this time around the offending matter concerns child molestation and incest. Yes, I am of course referring to the recent revelation that Josh Duggar, a member of the Duggar family, stars of the TLC reality series “19 And Counting,” had sexually assaulted several of his younger female family members Continue reading

The Trans-Pacific Partnership will only benefit wealthy corporations

Sweatshop labor - Via marissaorton / flickr

In a somewhat surprising move, President Obama’s rush to have Congress approve a “fast track” bill for the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement hit a wall last week after Senate Democrats split on the issue and failed to approve the bill, however a vote has put the bill back on track. But why would anyone oppose the innocuously named Trans-Pacific Partnership deal? Obama has been adamant that passage of the “fast track” bill — which would allow him the ability to negotiate Continue reading

The event in Garland, Texas, was an anti-Muslim hate rally

"Palacio de Convenciones" by Frj - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

By now you’ve likely heard about the shooting in Garland, Texas, Sunday which, if not for the quick response of law enforcement, could have turned out to have been much worse than it was. But who is behind the event being dubbed by mainstream media as an “art show” and “free speech” demonstration? What was the actual intent of the gathering in Garland? Though the narrative seems to be drifting in a predictable direction — that this was an act Continue reading