State of the Blog (March 21st, 2013)

Welcome all! Today marks two weeks since launching the subjectiv — and what a ride it’s been!

Yesterday we crossed a milestone with over 1,500 unique page views since the launch. Wow!

I felt like a picture of a hot air balloon. Photo by tchago.

I felt like a picture of a hot air balloon. Photo by tchago.

Viewership has gone up substantially over this previous weekend (you may have noticed a site slow down, which has since been corrected). So, welcome all new comers and readers! I also appreciate every comment received so do not hesitate to post even dissenting opinions, if anything I invite and encourage them! I don’t know everything and I don’t have everything figured out (not even close) and am always glad to hear strong arguments. I think I got the best comment on my CAS article last night on reddit:

Dammit man. that was a good read, now i just have to read the rest of this fellow’s blog to determine if he/she is insane or not.

Well, I guess that’s up for you all to decide. The more I write and the more the site develops its own personality, the more convinced I am the first and foremost purpose of this site is to share varied perspectives, unexpected ways of thinking about issues, if only to stimulate thought and (I’d hope) civil discussion. It’s great getting the hits and seeing the numbers and all that, but so far the most rewarding aspects of this blog have been the interaction and conversation with readers — so don’t hesitate to jump in! Defend me, blast me, tell me it was confusing and poorly written, don’t worry, I won’t cry (too much).

Looking forward:

– Graphics design overhaul: It’s superficial, I know, but as the blog is rapidly growing it’s time I move beyond the tacky banners that took me 5 minutes in paint to make. If anyone knows a graphic designer who would be interested in helping or are one yourself, please let me know: In the mean time I will be exploring professional options.

– Going to continue with some recurring “features,” such as A Subjectivist’s Guide. Certain themes will also continue to be explored — I’ve had several people remark that they’d wish I’d spent more time and delved deeper on certain topics (empathy, in particular). Don’t worry, there’s going to be plenty of time to flesh all of that out.

-I’m going to fix the “About” page before this weekend. I’ve been neglecting it. Not that anyone cares.

-Considering upgrading to a premium theme for better functionality and subscribing to a  stock image service. However, this starts to really make the cost of running the site add up. The more I think about it, I do not want to do advertising (I hate it myself), so I am considering alternative ways to generate revenue for the site. And, to be completely honest, it would be great if I could sustain myself economically with this site so that I may, if the popularity continues to rise, dedicate more time to it. Some of the possibilities I’m considering: Paypal donation button, CafePress merch (this would be some time from now), writing/selling an eBook. Thoughts?

Alright that’s about it for now, I’ve already rambled on longer than I wanted to.

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